Are you conciously creating your life footprints?


On the first rainy day in a long time, I sit in my great room looking out at the green leaves splattered with rain, thinking about summer's end.  September seems right around the corner and I feel reflective on how I spent my summer.

This summer I shifted my focus from work projects to family and self connections.  I wanted a saner summer experience and set a goal of two days a week focused on my family and my creative pursuits.

It's been fun and now it's time to begin to think more regularly about the year to come.  What do I want to accomplish?  What footprints or life tracks do I purposely want to create?  What will bring me joy and fulfillment.  How can I contribute to the greater good of the world?

The footprints I left this summer were many fold.  I spent many fun days with Gkidz.  I helped with the birth of a new granddaughter.  I worked on my photography, spent time with friends, hung out with my husband, cooked good meals, walked three miles every day. 

I had many meetings with clients, who frequently teach me about the joys and sorrows of life.  Yesterday a client shared that if we live to 100, we have 36,500 days of life.  Put that way, it doesn't seem like a lot of time.  It's a sobering statistic.

So, I am asking myself, what is the sanest, most fun, most joyful, most satisfying way for me to spend those days? 

How about you?  How do you want to spend the days of your life?

In order to create footprints that are true to our soul's purpose we need lots of support from friends, family, coaches, therapists, pastors, and other trusted human beings.

I was gifted with a surprising summer traveling companion by a company called Juil, an innovative shoe company with the tag line, 'Awaken your soles'.  There are copper conductors going directly through the outsoles to create a connection between you and the earth.  The idea is that your energy with be rejuvenated by a direct connection to the earth. 

They are stylish and comfortable.  Is there anything to the connection to the earth rejuvenation thing?  The answer is I don't know - although, while wearing these sandals, I did stay grounded, present and energized during the long and difficult birth of my granddaughter.......

Want help figuring our what your footprints look like?  Shoot me an email to set up an in-office appointment, phone meeting or Skype session and start walking the path you are on this earth to walk.